Help Out

Have you found an abandoned animal? Please check out our found animals page.

Any donations of money or supplies would be hugely appreciated. Please see our donations page for a wishlist and donation button.

Interested in becoming a rehabilitator? Please check out our become a rehabilitator page.

From habitat destruction and fragmentation to introduction of non-native species and over-killing, humans have had a negative impact on the ecosystem.  However, it’s not too late for us to reverse some of this damage and become an advocate for wildlife.  There are many ways you can help:

Be aware of the wild animals in your own community.

There are animals all around us, so we might as well try to be friends with them!  Put a bird house up in your yard so native birds have a food source.  Check the grass for bunny nests before you mow your lawn.  Hang a bat house on your house to attract mosquito-eating bats.  Keep your cats inside and your dogs leashed so they do not kill wild animals.  Brake for squirrels in the road.  These are just a few of the things you can do to make your neighborhood more animal-friendly.

Be a voice for the animals.

Become educated and get involved in local politics – when a community meeting is called to discuss what to do about the local coyote population, speak up.  Become informed and stay current on city and county laws regarding trapping and killing nuisance wildlife – most of these laws are NOT in the best interest of the animals, and cause the needless death of hundreds of wild animals each year.

Volunteer your time and services.

Chattahoochee Nature Center and Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort both have volunteer days where you can help build cages, clean trails, and even help care for animals.  Many home-based wildlife rehabilitators welcome the help, too.

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