Wildlife rehabilitators are NOT paid to save animals.  The Department of Natural Resources does not provide us with any money.  We rely solely on donations to rescue and rehabilitate these animals.  It costs over $100 to raise and release each raccoon.  This includes the cost of food, bedding, cages, cleaning supplies, and vaccines.  Please consider donating so I can continue to rescue animals.   Below is a wishlist of key items and a button where you can donate through Paypal.



  • Baby blankets (old/used/new – it doesn’t matter)
  • Fleece/Flannel fabric remnants or blankets
  • Towels (old/used/new – it doesn’t matter)
  • Scent-free, color-free pine bedding
  • Small stuffed animals (about the size of a softball or smaller)

Heat sources:

  • Rice socks
  • Heating pads
  • Travel type heating pads
  • Hand warmers

Pet Supplies:

  • Pet Carriers
  • Cages (all sizes)
  • Food bowls/dishes
  • Cat litter trays


  • Baby bottles and nipples (old/used/new – it doesn’t matter)
  • Fox Valley 40/25 powdered formula for raccoons
  • Powder KMR
  • Powder Esbilac
  • Applesauce
  • Gerber baby cereal (the kind that you add water/milk to)
  • Wet dog/cat food
  • Dry dog/cat food
  • Extra veggies from your garden
  • Fruit that is just a bit too ripe to eat
  • Dog bones/rawhide


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