The immense amount of support I receive enables me to continue to follow my dream and rescue wildlife and I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many kind-hearted people.

Everyone who has ever given me an animal deserves recognition and praise.  They are the first responders to the scene and know they have to do the right thing and find help for the struggling animal.  I am forever grateful for their love of the animal kingdom and their desires to work around my schedule to deliver the animal to me.  Some have raised these animals themselves and are reluctant to turn over the animal, but they still do what is best, sacrificing their own happiness in order for the animal to have a fair chance out in the wild where it belongs.  It’s a difficult decision to make and I appreciate your trust.

My grandmother graciously allows me to use part of the family farmland for my rescue facility so I can give back to the environment.  She overlooks the dirty cages and messy dishes, instead concentrating on what she can do to help God’s animals.

My parents supported my passion for rehabilitating wildlife while I was in high school and college.  Not only did they provide financial help with cage materials (and a bit of dumpster diving!), but also gave me health insurance.  Even though Dad made me pose for a picture of my grossly-swollen, raccoon-bite-infected hand before rushing me to the emergency room, I really appreciate their support!  Now that I’m on someone else’s insurance plan, they’re even more eager to help out by letting us borrow tools to build the habitat (although I still claim the jackhammer as mine), feeding the animals when I need an extra set (or two!) of hands, and checking in on the animals when Dustin and I are out of town.

My sister-in-law, Heather, has used her skills as a seamstress to make the raccoons more comfortable.  She’s designed and sewn three hammocks for them.  The current prototype, made with fabric vinyl on the outside with a soft fleece liner on the inside, will be strong enough to withstand the weight of many raccoons for seasons to come (and many cycles of the washing machine!)!  If you’re interested in purchasing a custom-made hammock for your animals, please contact me .  Heather’s hand-made animal items are made of high-quality fabric, sure to last for many years!

My aunt Michelle has provided me with medical supplies, including a 10-year supply of lactated ringers solution. Thanks to her, the animals that come in aren’t dehydrated for very long!

Catie Donnelly, my illustrator, deserves major kudos.  Recommended to me by a friend, I asked Catie if she would be willing to draw some animals for the website I was attempting to create and she happily drew the ADORABLE animals you see on this site.  Please check out her website,

Raising juvenile animals requires a lot of food.  A LOT.  Thankfully, I’ve had help from friends, coworkers, and family members who have donated their no-longer-fit-for-human-consumption food or extra vegetables out of their gardens.  Favorite Aunt Cheryl collects worms for the raccoons each time it rains, Great Aunt Peggy collects the food scraps from her meals for the raccoons and Great Aunt Freddie brings me grocery bags FULL of veggies from her neighbor’s overflowing garden.  My coworkers gather up extra figs from their yard and give me pear peelings, bell pepper scraps, and the ends of cucumbers.  Because of all the free food I’ve obtained from generous people, I’ve been able to accept more animals that I otherwise couldn’t afford!

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